Attempted Raid for income Tax Documents in Enniscorthy

On Saturday night the 2nd of April 1920 the Income Tax Collector Mr. Robert Owen answered the front door to his residence, located on Mill Park Road beside the post office after hearing a knock. Upon opening the door three men attempted to gain entry into the house and a struggle took place between both parties. Three of Mr Owen’s sisters where in the house and were successful in helping to expel the intruders who then fled the scene. A police patrol was approaching the post office at the time and just missed the raiders as they were making their getaway. The only reported damage during the event was a broken pane of glass on the front door. This was one of many raids by the I.R.A in Wexford at the time to destroy income tax records and to cause disruption and deny British rule in the country. This attempt though was unsuccessful.

Former residence of Mr. Owen located beside the post office. The house remains the same as it did on the night of the raid. Notice the panes of glass in the front door, one of which was smashed during the attempted raid. (Google street view 2019)

The residence still exists beside the post office today and has remained much the same since the night of the incident.


North Wexford Brigade Activity Files

New Ross Standard, April 9th 1920

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