Blackwater Barracks Burned

The former police barracks in Blackwater now a private residence (Google Street View 2009)

In May 1920 the barrack in Blackwater village was set on fire and burned. The building, which was later repaired and is today used as a private residence, is located on the southern end of the village. It had been in use as a police barracks since at least 1839, being visible on the ordinance survey maps from that period. It was an imposing two story building which would have been very noticeable on the approach into Blackwater. The barracks was unoccupied at the time of the burning, having being vacated earlier like so many other rural barracks with the officers assigned to others in more urban settings which were easier to defend. It was one of many barracks burned in Wexford that month with the aim of denying the British authorities of its use as a base in the area. It was reported that a number of people in the village attempted to extinguish the blaze as it was feared it was going to spread to neighboring buildings. By the time they succeeded however the barracks was totally destroyed.


North Wexford Brigade Activity Files

Wexford People, ‘Many Police Barracked Burned in the Troubles’ 29th December 1999,

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