Galbally Barracks Burned

The former R.I.C barrack at Galbally, now a private residence (Google Street View 2019)

On Wednesday the 12th of May 1920 the rural police barracks at Galbally was burned. It had already been vacated by the police, like so many other rural barracks, and was one of many burnt in Wexford during the period to deny the authorities of its use and therefore allow the I.R.A more freedom to operate. The barracks had been in operation since about 1840 , being visible on the ordinance survey maps from the time. It was being rented for use by the police and the owner was awarded £500 compensation by the courts for its destruction. Later the building was repaired and today is a private residence.


The Irish Times, 14th May 1920

The Irish Times, 7th July 1920

North Wexford Brigade Activity Files

Bureau of Military History Witness Statement #1373

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