Rosbercon Police Hut Burned

Location of Police Hut depicted on ordinance survey map from 1905 as ‘Constab Barrack’

The New Ross Standard newspaper reported that in the early hours of Friday morning the 4th of April 1920 the police hut in Rosbercon, located across the river from New Ross town, was burned. The hut was a simple structure made built of brick and stone with a sheet iron roof. Locals in the area were awoken in the night by the sound of the hut’s roof falling in and by sunrise nothing was left of the building but what was described as ‘… a heap of ashes and charred brick and iron.’ It was also reported there was no furniture in the building at the time and that the blaze could be seen for miles around. According to the I.R.A brigade activity files A company, which was the New Ross company, was responsible for its destruction. Today the site where the hut would have stood is a private residence with likley no trace of the former hut remaining.


New Ross Standard 9th April 1920, p4

South Wexford Brigade Activity Files

A special thanks to Myles Courtney and Richard McElwee for their help and providing information for this article.

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