Military Vehicles Burned in Wexford Town

May be an image of 6 people
A group of Black and Tans during the War of Independence taking a suspect into custody.
(Credit: County Wexford in the Rare Oul Times, Vol IV.)

On Monday night the 11th of April 1921 a ford motor car and lorry belonging to the military were burned by the IRA in Wexford town. The vehicles were parked at the town’s South Station, near the military barracks. A group of the ‘Devons’ proceeded to put out the flames and the newspapers described how there was considerable military activity on the station premises afterwards, with staff and civilians both held up.

The South Wexford brigade activity reports state four men were responsible for the operation.

Reference to operation in brigade activity reports


Enniscorthy Guardian, 15th April 1921, p4

South Wexford Brigade Activity reports

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