Ballinaboola Barracks Burned

On Saturday night the 16th of May 1920 Ballinaboola police barracks was burned. It had been vacated by the police for some time before this. A previous attempt was made to burn the building a few days earlier on Wednesday the 12th of May which resulted in a portion of the roof being damaged. The second attempt however was more successful with the entire structure catching fire. (The New Ross Standard, 21st May 1920). Situated at a fork in the road along the main Wexford to New Ross route it is visible on the 1905 ordinance survey map as the largest and most prominent building in the village. It had been used as a police barracks since at least circa 1839, being visible on the ordinance survey maps from then.

1905 ordinance Survey Map of Ballinaboola with police barracks visible

The building like so many other barracks in the county was rented and in July that year it was reported the owner Patrick Byrne appealed the county court decision whereby he was awarded £200 compensation for the burning of the barracks after asking for £2000. (New Ross Standard, 9th July 1920). It was one of many destroyed in 1920 by the I.R.A to ensure it could not be reoccupied and therefore limited British operations in the area. The South Wexford Brigade activity files report that the 1st Company (New Ross) were responsible for the burning. No trace of the barracks remains today

Today no trace of the barrack remains. The tree marks the location where the barracks would have stood. (Google Street View 2019)


New Ross Standard (21st May 1920)

New Ross Standard (9th July 1920)

South Wexford Brigade Activity Files

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