Killurin Barrack Burned

Killurin Barracks as it looks today (Google Street View 2019). The Barracks was possibility built in the mid 19th century

On the 13th of May 1920 the R.I.C Barracks in Killurin was burned by members of the I.R.A, Glynn company. It had already been vacated by the police, like so many other rural barracks at the time as they were considered more open to attack and the police were then stationed elsewhere. Burning the building ensured it could not be reoccupied. It was a rented building and during the compensation claim brought before the court it was indicated that paraffin oil was used in the burning. Some time after it was rebuilt and is now a private residence.

Compensation Claim for Killurin Barrack in New Ross Standard 25th June 1920 p7


New Ross Standard 25th June 1920 P7

South Wexford Brigade Activity Reports.

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