Police Held at Gunpoint at Wexford Town Railway Station

Wexford town railway station as its appears today. In 1920 this was 1 or 2 stations in the town and was known as the ‘North’ station, while another the ‘South’ Station was located on the southern end of the town. (Google Street View)

On Sunday the 12th of September 1920 the New Ross Standard reports that just before the arrival of the afternoon train from Dublin 4 masked men held up 2 police officers in Wexford town’s ‘North Station’ (Now O Hanrahan station). The masked men sought to relieve the officers, a constable Ward and Murphy, of their revolvers and ammunition. However on this particular day they were not armed and the fugitives, who were left empty handed, made their getaway in a motor car which was waiting outside the station.

Francis Carty was one of the men involved and a member of the south Wexford brigade IRA, recalls how they were armed with a Webley revolver and another called a ‘Bulldog’ revolver. Interestingly Francis describes how the incident was his first time handling a firearm.


Bureau of Military History Witness Statement: Francis Carty (IRA) #1040

New Ross Standard, 18th September 1920, p5

South Wexford Brigade Activity Reports

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