Duncormick Barracks sabotaged

R.I.C officers pictured outside of Duncormick Barrack in 1905 (Credit: Picture originally from Sammy Sinnot, converted from glass plate by Michael Kelly and published by Peter Murphy)

In the early hours of Thursday morning the 20th of May 1920 the I.R.A sabotaged the R.I.C Barracks in Duncormick using explosives. Like many rural barracks Duncormick had already been vacated by the police prior to this event. In a compensation claim brought before the court later in June it was reported that a breach in the walls had been made (New Ross Standard 25th June 1920). It further stated a Mrs Margaret Sinnott was owner of the barracks, which was rented by the R.I.C for £18 a year since 1876.

Compensation claim for damages to Duncormick Barracks (New Ross Standard 25th June 1920 p7)
Report of damage caused to Duncormick barrack reported in the Irish Times 26th May 1920

It was one of many such barracks damaged or destroyed in Wexford during the War of Independence to ensure it could not be reoccupied. This left the local IRA more freedom to operate in the area. The south Wexford brigade activity reports state that B (Bridgetown) and C (Broadway) companies of the 3rd South Wexford Battalion were responsible.The barracks building still survives in Duncormick village. It has a galvanized roof and appears not to be lived in considering the blocked up windows. A plaque above the doorway indicates that it was previously an R.I.C Barracks and that it was also used as a Garda Station until 1938.

A previous attempt to demolish the barracks had been made on the 12th of May. The Irish Times reported that holes had been bored in the gable and front wall of the building and explosives placed inside. However, on this occasion they failed to go off and were removed intact when discovered by the police from Bridgetown, who arrived on the scene the following morning (Irish Times. 14th May p 5)

The white building on the right is the former RIC Barracks in Duncormick as it looks today. A plaque above the door marks its former use as a barracks. (Google Street View)


Irish Times. 14th May p 5

Irish Times 26th May 1920

New Ross Standard 25th June 1920

South Wexford Brigade Activity Reports.

A special thanks to Peter Murphy for giving permission to use the picture of Duncormick RIC. This was taken from the Sammy Sinnot collection, converted by Michael Kelly from glass plate and published by Peter Murphy. Also thanks to Paul Byrne for directing me towards the source.

2 Replies to “Duncormick Barracks sabotaged”

  1. Hi, i am from Duncormick but i left for Dublin when i was 14 and then to London in 1969, i have visited home on a good few occasions since then and really enjoy visiting Duncormick and the surrounding area.I have to say i can’t remember the barracks in Duncormick that Building belonged to the Cullen Family, they had a farm and a little Pub there and an Orchard with gorgeous Pears. lovely to see that picture and i would love to see more. i now live with my wife Mary in County Westmeath.


    1. Hi Tony
      The building belonged to John Sinnott Rip grandson of Margaret Sinnott. They owned the neighbouring farm and pub also to cullens. As John was the last of the sinnott family the farm pub and Barricks will be up for Auction in the spring of 2021 The End of an era .


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