Police held up near Rosslare

On the 18th of July 1920 the New Ross Standard reported that two police officers making their way from Rosslare towards Wexford town, at about nightfall, were stopped by four masked men and searched. It said the outcome of the search was unclear with some reporting that nothing in the way of firearms was discovered by the men while others alleged that the police were relieved of 2 revolvers. The south Wexford brigade activity reports state two revolvers were taken in this instance but that only two IRA men were involved. Where exactly the occurrence took place is unsure but the activity reports state it was on the road from Rosslare to Killinick. The police were likely on route to Wexford via Killinick. Members of E company (Tagoat) were involved in the operation.


New Ross Standard, 23rd July 1920, p5

South Wexford Brigade Activity Report

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