Kilmuckridge RIC barracks burned

The former RIC barracks in Kilmuckridge as it looks today (Google Street View)

On the 14th of August 1920 the RIC barracks in Kilmucridge was burned by the Kilmuckridge company of the IRA. It had been vacated by the police earlier in the month. Laurence Redmond in his withnes statement describes the event as follows;

‘In August, 1920, the R.I.C. evacuated Kilmuckridge barracks. We got orders from Battalion Headquarters to destroy the building. On the 14th August Joe Quinsay, who was in charge, myself and five or six others at about midnight forced an entry into the barracks. We spread hay and anything that would burn and sprinkled it with paraffin oil, and then set fire to it. The barrack was completely destroyed’ (p5)

It was one of may barrcks burned or sabotage in the county to ensure ithey could not be reoccupied and reduced the capacity of the British authorities to operate in many areas, while allowing the IRA more freedom. The barracks was located near to and on the lands of Litterbeg House and the two likley had an association. This is a common theme regarding the location of many barracks at the time. The building was later rebuilt and today is a private residence.

1905 ordinance survey map of Kilmuckridge with barracks marked by ‘Constab Barrack’.


Bureau of Military History Witness Statement, Laurence Redmond #1010

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