Hollyfort RIC barracks burned

On the 21st of August 1920 the RIC barracks in Hollyfort was burned by the Crannford company of the IRA. It had been vacated by the police earlier that month on the 14th and was one of many barracks burned or sabotaged in the county during the period to ensure it could not be reoccupied. This reduced the capacity of the British authorities to operate in the area, while increasing that of the IRA. The building had been let to the RIC for a yearly fee of £28 since 1892. After it was burned the owner was awarded £800 compensation.

1905 ordinance survey map with the RIC barracks marked, just south of Hollyfort village.


New Ross Standard, 22nd April 1921, p8

New Ross Standard, 29th April 1921, p6

North Wexford Brigade Activity Reports

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